Chatbots are artificial intelligence systems that interact with humans through chat interfaces via messaging, text, or speech. A chatbot can respond to certain questions or give recommendations in a real-time manner and automate the business processes.

To search and book flights and hotels for your perfect vacation — chatbots are meant to become complete travel assistants. To order food/Beverages — when you don’t want to search through all the menu or manage your reservation, chatbots are “trained” to friendly answer 24/7 to all questions concerning the restaurant. To shop — customers can easily ask for what they want and the chatbot will assist them until the purchase is done. BOTs could be internal facing – e.g. HR Bots; limited user group facing, such as supplier Bots; or external facing, such as Customer Bots.

A BOT that builds BOTS

An AI / ML driven code generator designed to create an application

Any front end – ChatBot; Mobile / Web App

Any back-end

Creates forms, reports, menus and backend databases on the fly

Custom coding only for integration

UI and theme can be customised