Training and Hard Work, There is no Secret Formula

– Ronnie Coleman

Knowledge Sharing

  • Payment Systems in India/abroad
  • Transaction Messaging Protocols
  • Various Authentication Models
  • APBS
  • Direct Benefit Transfer
  • Various Devices
  • Various Architectures
  • Bio-metrics in Banking

Career Oriented

  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management

Simple Effective Practices

  • Project monitoring by Record maintaining
  • Project initiation by minimum information
  • Mentoring team

Rapid Application Development

  • Dot Net Core with Razor and Blazor
  • Dot Net Core with Angular
  • Python with advanced OpenCV functions
  • Integrating with CMS

RAD for Device Integration

  • IoT with Node-Red
  • Unknowns of Jetson Nano, Raspberry Pi
  • Integrating with GPIO