Design to Development

We’re excited to tell you how a static website design is brought into live and in turn transformed into React code.

WYSIWYG, as a developer one is always concerned about the quality of the code that is written to develop a website. Nodoubt this is achieved by every coder but with a time bounding situation. But now, this gap of building pages of code has reduced to a quick and quality method.

Anima is one such platform that is bridging this gap from design to Development.We have packed up our development categories at one place, like design, code and case studies.This new automation has helped us save time, develop faster, and ofcourse a better product.

So all at one place is a fun place 😃


Our developers used figma as a design and extracted the code from Anima, a clean and reusable code. Anima allows you to select a particular design element to extract code in just one click, and instantly get the code.

Experiencing React from Anima using CodeSandbox

CodeSandbox is a platform that allows to edit code online, Plus point of it is doesn’t require any installations. With Anima, you can open the code in sandbox. By synchronising design to Anima, you can get the generated React Code.

Our team has excelled the figma design project into React WebApp.

Written by: Nanda Yalgar, React Developer at SMK Solutions

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